Saint Stephen Re-Opening for Worship
(Per the Attorney General of Texas Guidelines)

We anticipate needing to follow these protocols for worship during the month of June and July.

During the month of July, we will re-assess the situation to determine what regulations could be relaxed...

Note: Our current plan is to re-open for worship only on June 7th. Other ministry programs will be re-opened slowly and thoughtfully over the remainder of the Summer. Phase 2 will include re-opening age level ministry activities...

Phase 1 – Onsite Family Style Worship Only


       Building Entry:

  • -  Staff and Volunteers will be screened by a designated person and per the guidelines each Sunday morning as
    they enter the building... anyone who fails the screening test will be asked to go home and/or get tested...

  • -  Worshippers will be asked to remain in their vehicles until approx. 15 minutes prior to the start of the
    service of their choice...

  • -  Foyer and other common spaces are not open for congregating – staff should not encourage this
    during the month of June. When worship services are over, worshippers will be dismissed in rows and
    asked to vacate the building...

  • -  We are also exploring how to designate specific numbered entry doors for entrance to specific services...

  • -  Masks will be made available for any worshipper that needs a mask and does not have their own..


  • -  We will post signs that encourage people with symptoms to leave the building and to stay away until
    they are tested and/or symptoms clear up

  • -  We will post signs reminding everyone to disinfect their hands regularly and to try to maintain
    a 6 ft space between them and others


    Designated Areas:

  • -  We will use the chapel for overflow seating if we reach occupancy capacity in either worship space...

  • -  We will also designate an area for worshippers who are health compromised or at-risk to be able to watch the

    service online in the building

    Worship Space Entry:

  • -  Worshippers will be seated by ushers beginning at the front of the service and working backward

  • -  Seating rows will have the equivalent of 2 chairs (50”) between each separate party...

  • -  The Sanctuary will have designated and non-designated seating pews

  • -  The Fellowship Hall will have rows of chairs removed to comply with non-seating rows in between seating rows

    Worship Protocols:

  • -  There will be no printed material (hymnals, prayer cards, bulletins, and registration cards) available
    in the worship spaces during the months of June and July...

  • -  We will not pass the offering plate during worship services. Online and mailed contributions will continue
    to be our giving protocol for June and July

  • -  Staff and Volunteers will be asked to wash/disinfect their hands regularly throughout the morning...

      Cleaning and Disinfecting:

  • -  Worship seating areas will be disinfected between services with appropriate cleaning spray

  • -  Building Entry Doors, Worship Entry doors, Bathroom doors, etc will be disinfected on a schedule
    throughout the morning on Sundays...



  • -  Worship is a constitutional freedom. As a result, we cannot make people stay away. We will recommend
    (Per the Texas guidelines) that our older congregation and those who have a compromised immune system
    stay away for now. But we cannot and should not mandate this. It is their freedom to join us onsite for
    worship if they choose.



  • -  The Church Building water fountains, hub, and kitchen areas will remain closed until further notice...

  • -  The church will remain closed for other gatherings until we determine it is appropriate to let those resume...

  • -  Sanex disinfects the church building 5 nights per week and uses a disinfectant fogger every other week
    (which is CDC approved) for killing germs.


    Live Streaming:

  • -  We will launch our live streaming of the 8:25am and 9:45am services on the first day we resume onsite worship...

  • -  We will continue to live stream these first 2 services each week indefinitely via our church website...

  • -  The 8:25am Traditional and 9:45am Modern live streamed/recorded services will also be made available during

    the 11 am hour for watching online...


  • - We will wait a couple of weeks into June after re-opening for worship to offer holy communion. Communion will be offered in individual sealed packets over the next 2 or 3 months..


  • The purpose of these measures include:

    • Safety

    • Projecting an attitude and environment of care and concern for safety and compliance

    • An attempt to alleviate fear for those that are overly concerned

    • To re-introduce and resume onsite in person community gatherings for our congregation

  • We cannot mitigate 100% of the risk:

    • Attending church is and always should be voluntary based on each person's choice...

    • As such, we encourage participation but we will not take responsibly for people's choice to attend or stay away​...

  • Goals:

    • To resume and rebuild our church community with intention over the next several months...

    • to continue trying to reach new people with the Gospel message however we can​

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Service Times: 8:25, 9:45, 10:50, & 11:10