Travis Bennett - 7/7/19

Stories of two people with the same circumstances and the same opportunities, but the results are polar opposites. One person was blessed and the other lost everything. What made the difference?

Jim Smith - 7/14/19

How did people in the Bible get to their boat. Noah was told to build a really big boat. Peter was asked to set his nets in the middle of the day. And they did it. Imagine doing what Jesus asks you to do? How awesome it would be 

Jim Smith - 7/21/19

Have you ever let down someone? It can leave you feeling like you are the worst person on the planet. Some people may feel very confident about who they are while we can easily point out our flaws. But God can do wonders with the meek. 

Travis Bennett - 7/28/19

Every day at the beach isn't a day at the beach, sometimes life doesn't turn out the way that you hope. This message looks at how Jesus wants to be the Master of our lives.

As you read the Gospels, you discover how much of it happened around the water and on the water. If we pull up one of our trusty Bible maps, we discover that much of Jesus' ministry was focused on, or around, the Sea of Galilee but it wasn't really a sea, it was just a lake. But it was their lake! And Jesus taught some valuable lessons from the beach and the water. So for the next few weeks, join us, and ...Let's Go To The Beach!

Let's Go To The Beach!!

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