We live in an age where technology should make life easier… but it hasn’t.  In a time when most disease has been eradicated yet we are not as healthy. We live in a country where we have plenty of food, clothing, shelter, and yet we are never happy. We add more and more to our plate and do not know our limits. We overload!

So the question now is what do we need?  We need Margin in our life. Margin helps fight against fatigue, always in a hurry or being late. Join us for this series to help figure out margin in your life.

Travis Bennett - 8/11/19

Overload is a place where we have too much to deal with at one time.  Overload is found in the pain of progress, problems, and stress. So how do you fix that? 

Travis Bennett - 8/18/19

Somewhere between success and failure lives the friend known as margin.  We must know our limitations and seek Christ for the guidance we need to create margin. 

Travis Bennett - 8/25/19

Simplicity and Contentment are spiritual disciplines that Christians have used for centuries.  We need them today…more than ever.

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