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Sunday Mornings

Kidz Church

11:00 am


Sunday School


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Sunday Nights


 Youth Group Experience for 4th & 5th Graders

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Nursery & Preschool


(birth-2 years)


(3-5 years)

on Sundays and Wednesday

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Children's Choirs


Wednesdays @ 6:15

 for ages Pre-K through 5th Grade


Hello from KIDNECTION! We are beyond excited for you to check out all the wonderful things we offer here at SSUMC, and we hope your family can find a place here! Our vision is to connect children of all ages with Christ, have fun along the way, and show children how much the Lord loves them.  We strive for children to know God’s word, identify themselves in Christ, and show how God works throughout their lives.

Please check us out on social media and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


Jennifer Pohlmeier: Children's Pastor



Kindergarten- 5th Grade

  • Know that the Bible is 66 connected books inspired by God

  • Know God sent Jesus to show us how to live

  • Know Jesus died to make us right with God

  • Know that sin is anything we think, say, or do that separates us from God

  • Know that to repent of sin is to turn away from sin and turn towards God

  • Know that Jesus is God's son, the Holy Spirit is our helper; together with God the Father they make up the trinity 

  • Expect God to always be bigger than we can comprehend

  • Know God has a plan for each person

  • Know that we can trust God, but His ways are not our ways

Birth-5 years

  • Know God loves them

  • Know God made them

  • Know God made all things

  • Know the Bible is God's book and that it is true

  • Know prayer is talking to God/God wants us to talk to Him

  • Know we can talk to God whenever/wherever we want

  • Connect to God through prayer, worship and the Bible

  • Recognize Jesus as God



4th & 5th Graders

  • Learn to apply their faith in social interactions outside of church

  • Process spiritual questions independently and in small groups

  • Base their identity on who God says they are

  • Begin to make their parents' and church's faith their own

  • Begin to take ownership of their spiritual growth

  • Identify and resist worldly influences

  • Make choices based on Biblical worldviews



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