Sunday School

8:30 am Sunday School

Genesis – class nurturing growth of young families : Ages 35 plus
L.I.F.T. – Room 12 : Married couples and singles are welcome : Ages 45 plus
Agape – A class of singles and couples studying God’s word with personal application : Ages 55 plus


9:45 am Classes

Friendship – Room 1163 : A young adult class “Creating friendship in Christ’s Love”
Blessings – Friendship Room, Activities Center : Young married couples and young adults desiring to grow in knowledge of God.
Crossroads – Room 1132 : The Bible is our cornerstone for married and singles : Ages 40 plus
Generations – Room 1147 : A class with a desire to grow nearer to God through study of His Word : Ages 30 plus
Bridgebuilders / Lamplighters – A group of married couples and singles who study God’s word and enjoy fellowship together : Ages 60 plus
Covenant – This class focuses on a variety of topics with the primary focus on Bible study : Ages 70 plus
John Mark – This group is committed to the study of the Bible, fellowship, and missions : Ages 50 plus
New Spirit – This class studies contemporary religious authors and applies them to real life through mission work : Ages 50 plus
Pathfinders – Couples and singles learning God’s message through Jesus Christ : Ages 70 plus
Samaritans – Married couples and singles, focusing on biblical principles that help members live life to the fullest : Ages 50 plus
Sonlight Searchers – Married couples who focus on studying God’s word in relation to daily living for Christ : Ages 60 plus

Wesley Workers – This class focuses on bible study and principles of Christian living in an informal discussion : Ages 50 plus

11:00 am Class

GPS – Room 1159 : Bible study class for adults of all ages, single and married.
The Well – Friendship Room – Married couples and singles, age 25 and up.