Son West VBS

          Well, Pardner, I'm here to tell ya, this old place is about to become a rootin' tootin' outpost of the Old West!  Yessir, we shall see the likes of a big ol' bully by the name of Dirty Daryl; the fine figure of a man by the name of  Sheriff Otis Sunday; a sweet little filly by the name Miss Lilly, owner and operator of the local Sasparilla parlor; and then her side-kick and post office messenger boy, Hank.

          In addition to these characters, thar'll be a whole lot of singin', a whole lot craftin' and a whole lot of Bible readin'.  And all of that adds up to a whole passel of fun!!!  So we don't want any of our Saint Stephen youngin's missin' out!  So the word is:


Either by calling the church office or by doin' it online for all you computer wranglers.

And then . . .


We need all kinds of people helping us with the classes, the crafts, the snacks, the set-up and take-down, the greetin', the registerin', and the overall cat-herdin'.  Call Jennifer Pohlmeier today and offer your services.

And then . . .



Especially the eats for the VBS workers and helpers.  Call Diane Bim today to offer your best snack food dish!  We will truly be grateful for all you do for the youngin's and the good Lord himself!  The Lord bless ya!