Nineteen Great Years!

          This coming Sunday we have the opportunity to celebrate 19 great years of Angela Stebbins' ministry on the staff of this church!  Angela has done a fantastic job with the music program of our church as director of the Music Department.  She has led a number of choirs through the years and has done her most significant work leading the tours of three choirs: Love Singers, Saint Stephen Singers and the Stars Honor Choir. She has also directed the hand-bells and a number musical programs and concerts through the years.

          We will be recognizing Angela and Jeff (behind every good woman is a good man!) in all three services, along with her personal staff:  Missy Hughes, Peter John Hughes, and Cynthia McCormack.  During the 9:45 service there will be a reception in her honor in the Chapel.  We are encouraging all our members to write notes of appreciation to Angela for a job well-done!

          Also, don't forget this coming Sunday, the Sunday before July the 4th, is our annual patriotic service.  It will be a great day!  Don't miss it!


Pastor Stan