Great leaders aren't born.  Great leaders aren't manufactured.  Great leaders are called.  In the lives of all great leaders, there is a defining moment when somehow they sensed the claim of destiny in their lives and said “yes”!  For us as Christians, that call to leadership begins with Jesus' invitation to “follow Him.”

          Following Him, we learn and then actually lead.  Look over your shoulder, someone is following you.  Whether it's your children at home, or a colleague at work, or a child on the little league team, someone is watching you and perhaps even imitating your example.

          The purpose of the Leadership Summit is to help you to lead better where you are.  There will be outstanding speakers, outstanding resources, outstanding contacts, and outstanding moments during the two days of the summit.  God will do something extraordinary in your life.

          Join us for this year's GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT, August 8th & 9th.  We still have slots open for Saint Stephen members at $109 per person for both days.  May God bless us all in these days of leader-learning!