About Saint Stephen

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We are honored you are checking us out! Saint Stephen is a biblically-based, spirit-filled, and community-focused church in Amarillo Texas of the United Methodist connection. In everything we do as a church, whether it is Sunday morning worship, third world missions, fellowship dinners, children’s musicals, or youth camps—we strive to live out our Core Values, those specific scriptural beliefs that motivate us and inspire us as a congregation. Our Core Values are the “Things that Drive Us.”


Who Are We?

We are radically committed to Jesus Christ as the one and only Savior of the world!
We are firmly fixed on the authority of God’s Word as our guide and compass in life!
We are fully surrendered to the power of the Holy Spirit to change us and set us free!
We are incredibly excited about the eternal family of God, the redemptive fellowship of all believers!
We are deeply grateful of our heritage of faith in John Wesley, our founding father!
We eagerly expect to meet God every time the doors are open!